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Why Choose Poland?

Poland is the 6th largest economy in the European Union and has the lowest tuition expenses among Schengen visa Countries. Poland is the only country in European Union that have not fell into recession and has showed steady economic growth. Poland became a part of European Union in the year 2004 which resulted in the emigration of a vast majority of Polish population into European states. In addition to this the decreasing birth rate has resulted in reduction of Poland’s population considerably.

Study MBBS in Poland!

What makes studying MBBS in Poland most attractive is that the tuition fees is less compared to several Indian Medical Colleges and IELTS is not required for admission procedure. It is a hub of top ranking universities for studying MBBS in Europe and opens the gateway for you to become a doctor in Europe!

Benefits of MBBS from Poland?

You will be accepted for PG in Germany and all Schengen visa countries without separate visa requirements after completing MBBS in Poland. You will also be accepted for PG in USA and all English Speaking Countries. The country also has less restrictive immigration options for highly skilled. You will be getting a Temporary Resident Permit during the course after which your options for Permanent Residency are more.

The Collegium Medicum Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun is one of the largest universities to study in Poland and was established in the year 1945. The University offers various courses under 17 faculties which are world-renowned for its contributions made in their respective fields. The Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz, previously known as Ludwik Rydygier Medical University was established in the year 1984. The Medical University in Bydgoszcz was merged to the Collegium Medicum Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun in 2004 and since then have been partnering in providing high-quality medical education.

Why choose CM NCU Poland for MBBS?

CM NCU Hospital No.2 in Bydgoszcz held first place in Forbes prestigious ranking of medical facilities in the world, in the year 2014.It holds first position in Anatomy Subject in Poland.The campus has 9 fully equipped multi-speciality hospitals where you can practice along with the duration of your course.The QS Ranking of the university is 701.CM NCU is listed as second in the position of the Polish Universities in WHO directory.CM NCU hospital No.2 in Bydgoszcz holds first place in Forbes prestigious ranking of medical facilities.The university also has one of the most modern and stylish student dormitories in Poland.

Bydgoszcz City

The Bydgoszcz City is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland which provides affordable living options. The city provides all urban European high-class facilities along with state of the art transportation facilities around the clock.

Why Choose Moldova?

Moldova is located in Eastern Europe. It is a small lower-middle- income European economy. Moldova has made superb progress in reducing poverty and promoting inclusive growth since the early 2000's.The economy has expanded by an average of 5 percent a year.The official language of Moldova is Romanian, and Russian is also widely spoken.


Modern Medicine is a western science invented and developed in Europe and in other western countries. Therefore, studying medicine in Europe itself will be the best approach for those who want to excel in the field. In East Europe, Moldova offers opportunity for international students to pursue degrees in Medicine and Pharmacology at Nicolae Testemitanue State University.

Benefits of MBBS from Moldova

European medical education institutions are generally having world class standards. Students from other parts of the world get international exposure too in Europe. Cost of living in Moldova is not high like other European countries. The study duration for medicine in Moldova is six years and the title is MD.



Nicolae  Testemitanu State University began its activity on 20 October 1945.The 72 year old State Medical and Pharmaceutical University is in the list of World Directory of Medical  Schools , published by the World Health Organization and has been accredited by National Council of academic Evaluation and Accreditation of the Educational Institutions from the Republic of Moldova. It has more than 50 departments,72 clinics and 10,000 hospital beds.

Why Choose Nicolae Testemitanu State University , Moldova  for MBBS

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy was founded on the basis of Institute of Medice No.1 in St.Petersburg. Medical council of India has approved the University as a recognized institute for medical educationAt  Present, it is a higher  educational institution of international fame that trains medical and pharmaceutical staff in conformity with modern concepts and international exigencies of training and education of future specialists.

Germany awaits you for MBBS foreign study!


Germany is the most economically secure country in Europe and fifth largest economy in the world.Germany is far ahead of other countries in terms of educational institutions with international standards, efficient and skilled based education, high standard of living, economic growth, health care facilities and social service schemes. International students who wish to study in Germany have numerous opportunities to get access to free education, with the right kind of counselling and guidance. Another reason for you to choose Germany is that you can pursue studies while working.


Germany is a land of opportunity for international students with more than 100 Universities and colleges in the heart of Europe. Graduate Courses, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degrees are provided at renowned Medical Schools all over Germany. You can become a Doctor through high quality education and even find job there itself. Most of the Universities we recommend are popular for renowned faculty members who are experts in their field, high quality training and practice. The skill based education system makes learning more effective. If you are an MBBS aspirant interested in specializing in a particular field of medicine then Germany is your right choice because of its educational system that focuses on specialization.


German is the second most spoken language in Europe. German language proficiency is necessary for studying and working in Germany. Even though the language of English helps you find opportunities, professionals are required to know German. Most of the academic books will be in German hence in order to have access to the high quality of work produced in Germany, you need to learn the language. Even though there are German language schools available in Germany, it is better to learn the language in India itself, that too in an institute like ours which ensures individual attention to students. Learning German is easy if you have a good foundation in English language.

Eligibility: Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) or Medicine/ Surgery Diploma

Course Details: German language proficiency (C1 Level), Medical Fachsprache Preparation and Approbation Preparation (MAP) Module, B1 Level for those who have studied German at country of origin.

Tuition Fee: 8500 Euro

Livelihood expenses: the German Embassy should be convinced that 6480 Euros is deposited in the students Blocked Account for livelihood expenses which includes lodging, food and leisure activities.