Canada’s goal last year was 290,000 newcomers, Future Goal by 2020 is 340,000 intakes.

Life Planner opens a safe door to migrate and settle in Canada!

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Mary Ann Go

Paralegal Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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505 34th Ave NE Calgary,

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To make Canadian Immigration easy to access for everyone and to deliver sound, reliable and thorough immigration advice and assistance by simplifying the immigration process for qualified clients and their families.> We will continually check your application until you obtain your residence status in Canada.We will represent and support you up to the end of your immigration process. We are not only here to help you come to Canada, New Beginnings Immigration Services will also provide you advice on better opportunities that you can possibly embark as you start your New Beginnings with us. It is our duty to deliver a holistic, professional approach and continually improve our services to meet the highest standards and fully satisfy our clients.


Canada & Life Planner

Why Canada?
  •   Second largest country in the world
  •   Tenth biggest economy in the world
  •   Developing country
  •   Federal governance system instead of Unitary
  •   75% of unutilized landmass
  •   Unexploited natural resources
  •   Low population of three and a half crore
Benefits of choosing Canada
  •   Immense chance for immigration being the second largest country in the world with a population size similar to that of Kerala.
  •   Steady economic growth and abundance of natural resources that assures a sustainable future for Canada.
  •   Immigrant labour force required for infrastructure developed in its fast growing economy. This proves why Canada has an immigrant population of 90% immigrants.
  •   7 years of experience in the field
  •   Many happy students and a large number of them becameCanadian citizens after studies.
  •   Transparent processing without any hidden unnecessary charges.
  •   A friendly team of experts to assist you.
  •   Detailed counselling conducted throughout admission and visa processing after understanding the talent, interest and study skills of individual students.
  •   Being a Federal governance system, all 10 provinces of Canada have different immigration laws. We help you choose Provinces with lesser immigration restrictions so you can become a permanent resident soon.
  •   Expert training through Gurukulam mode of education at our own Academy to ensure that you get admission with excellent IELTS score. Free training for selected candidates.
  •   Dedicated service provided in admission and visa processing, airport pick up, and even arranging a place for you to stay in a new country.
  •   Find a job in Canada after studies with the help of our Immigration Consultant Office.

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