Selkirk College is locatedat Kootenay, a place known for its lakes, beaches, meadows and mountains. This community college was founded in the year 1966 and wasthe first regional community college in British Columbia. The campus is known among international students for its excellent student service and resources. The college offers over 60 programs, which has made the Selkirk to grow into one of the largest educational institutions in the West Kootenayand Boundary regions of British Columbia. Each year, the college is responsible for over $75 million in economic activity, employing over 550 full and part-time staff and providing post-secondary learning experiences for over 2400 full-time equivalent students.


  • Diploma in Peace Studies - Liberal Arts (2yr)
  • Certificate in Blacksmithing Studio (1yr)
  • Certificate in Ceramics Studio (1yr)
  • Certificate in Textiles Studio (1yr)
  • Professional Pilot Diploma (2yr)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (2yr)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Classroom & Community Support Worker (1/2yr)
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Care & Education (1yr)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (2yr)
  • Diploma in Child and Youth Care Diploma (2yr)
  • Elementary Education (2yr)
  • Technical Training in Electrical Apprenticeship (1yr)
  • Certificate in Electrical Foundation (1yr)
  • Certificate in Cook Training, Professional (2yr)
  • Culinary Management Diploma Program (1yr)
  • Certificate in Esthetics (1yr)
  • Diploma in Integrated Environmental Planning (2yr)
  • Diploma in Forest Technology (2yr)
  • Certificate in Textile Studio (1yr)
  • Certificate in Hairdressing (1yr)
  • Diploma in Resort and Hotel Management, (2yr)
  • Diploma in Ski Resort Operations and Management (2yr)
  • Certificate in Health Care Assistant (1yr)
  • Advance Diploma in Geographic Information Systems (3yr)
  • Bachelors degree in Geographic Information Systems (4yr)
  • Certificate in Jewelry Studio (1yr)
  • Certificate In General Mechanics (1yr)
  • Certificate In Millwright/Machinist (1yr)
  • Diploma in Digital Arts & New Media: Program (2yr)
  • Diploma in Music & Technology (2yr)
  • Diploma in Music and Technology (2yr)
  • Diploma in Digital Arts & New Media (2yr)
  • Early Childhood Care & Education (Certificate) (1yr)
  • Early Childhood Care & Education ( Diploma) (2yr)
  • Social Service Worker (Certificate) (1yr)
  • Social Service Worker ( Diploma) Child and Youth Care(Diploma) (2yr)
  • Gerontology (Certificate) (2yr)
  • Nursing (Baccalaureate Degree) (4yr)
  • Psychology - Associate of Arts Degree (2yr)
  • Diploma in Recreation, Fish and Wildlife (2yr)