The University of Regina is well-reputed institute that enhances experiential learning. The specialty of the unique programs offered by the university is that it encourages students to participate in and achieve a successful career launch after graduation by supplementing education with experience to achieve specific educational, career and life goals. The University offers internships and professional placements in addition to cooperative education placements in 41 programs. This public research university located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and was established in 1911 as a private denominational high school. It attained degree-granting status in the year 1961 as the Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan and later became an autonomous university in the year 1974. The University of Regina has a population of over 15,000 full and part-time students.Partnership agreements with provincial crown corporations, government departments and private corporations have helped the University of Regina both place students in work experience opportunities and help gain employment post-study.  The University of Regina was also ranked as one of the top 150 universities under 50 years old worldwide in the Times Higher Education world university rankings.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (4yr)
  • Bachelors of Business Administration (4yr)
  • Diploma of Business Administration (2yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Biochemistry (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Software Systems (5yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Software Systems Development (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Education in Arts, Music (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems (5YR)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Arts : Environmental Studies, Resource and Environmental Studies (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Systems (5yr)
  • Bachelor of Science : Environmental Biology, Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Health and Science. (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Arts : Geography, Geographic Information Science (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Science : Geography, Geology (4yr)
  • BBA in Human Resource Management (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Systems (5yr)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Statistcs (4yr)
  • BBA in Management (4yr)
  • BBA in Marketing (4yr)
  • Bachelors of Nursing (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Petroleum Systems (5yr)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Applied Physics (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (4yr)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Studies (4yr)