Toronto Film School is one of Canada’s most sought after film schools that open up exciting career opportunities in film, television, theatre, fashion, graphic design and video game designing. The courses have been designed to motivate students in the transformative process of turning raw energy and creativity into effective skills demanded by the ever changing world of entertainment industry. Students will be filming, editing, performing, writing and designing in challenging environments, under the supervision and guidance of award winning film makers and media specialists


  • Diploma In Fashion design Technician (2yr)
  • Diploma in Marketing for Fashion & Entertainment (1.5yr)
  • Diploma in Film Production (3yr)
  • Diploma in Acting for Film TV and the Theatre (3yr)
  • Diploma in Writing for Film & TV (3yr)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design & Interactive Media (1yr)
  • College Diploma in Interior Decorating (2yr)
  • Diploma in Video Game Design & Animation (1.5yr)
  • Diploma in Video Game Design & Development (1.5yr)