"MAY become GERMAN”

“You MAY become a GERMAN soon”

Germany, the land of opportunities and all kinds of technologies, looks forward for the massive entry of quality youngsters. why ?

 Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world and the biggest economy in the European Union. There are many Europeans themselves wish to reach Germany still this country looks forward for Asian to come and settle there.why?

Germany is the hub of top-ranking universities in Medical, Technical and other fields of studies and those universities easily find students across the world. Still, the country looks forward to the students especially from the countries like India to reach Germany and continue their further education in the German language. why?

Germany is one among the countries with the highest living standard and facilities in the world it is a country that provides free health, free education, social security, pension and so on. Still, they design special study programs to attract students and professionals to come and settle in Germany. Why?

There are a lot of reasons for you to go and settle in Germany and for Germany to invite you to become a citizen there ..Come, attend the session know why?

Study engineering in Germany STEP T- Program.

Germany is the land of Technologies and dominating in the world for research on Technologies. It is the world's top in terms of size of it's Industries. so as vacancies for engineers in the country is too big and amazing in numbers. However, to start your university level of studies in engineering, the equivalency with a German Origin in terms of 13 years of schooling and German language proficiency up to B1 level is required. STEP T-program of 14 months is there for you to attain this equivalency.

Study MBBS in Germany STEP M- Program.

Germany is a country that provides with free education for all students even up to the PhD level, but all their universities provide the education completely in the German language. secondly,  the German system educates its students with 13 years of basic schooling. Even though there are plenty of seats in medical Universities and opportunities post-study in Germany, a foreign student has to prove his/ her equivalency with a  German origin, with an additional year of schooling along with German language proficiency up to C1 level. STEP is the 14 months program that helps you to attain this equivalency.

Pre-Nursing 6 Months Program

Germany as a country is very serious about the health of its citizens. So that they provide free healthcare to their public. Unfortunately, this country is badly in need of nurses, who are so scarce in number. The Country invites foreign students to study nursing @ no FEE and with stipend every month but the student is required to fill the deficit, in 13 years of schooling and German language proficiency up to B1 level. Pre-nursing for 6 months is a program which helps you out in this.