“Study & Settle in Germany”


The Employees Immigration Law (Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz) creates the framework for a future-oriented and needs-based immigration of skilled workers from non-EU countries. The law will be in effect from March 1, 2020. The law clearly and transparently regulates who is allowed to come to Germany for work and training purposes and who is not. (Statement of Federal Government, 26 August 2019).

The FACHKRÄFTE OFFERTE DER AGENTUR DER WIRTSCHAFT reacts to the current personnel requirements in Germany in the field of nursing, hotel and gastronomy, technical and other craft trades. We select young people abroad, prepare them for studying and working in Germany and offer them this way a stable career perspective.

All steps of the FACHKRÄFTE OFFERTE DER AGENTUR DER WIRTSCHAFT are transparent from the very beginning. The program consists of three stages:

STAGE I                       Selection and preparation in the country of origin

STAGE II                       Pre Program in Germany

STAGE III                      Dual Vocational Training in Germany


AGENTUR DER WIRTSCHAFT supports trainees in applying for the necessary visa and recognition of their certificates. As a successful labour market service provider and established an institute for language and training, AGENTUR DER WIRTSCHAFT also handles the placement to the companies and the implementation of language courses.

For the trainees, the following program costs arise:

STAGE I  (approx. 6 months) = 1,000 € *

STAGE II (max. 6 months) = 4,000 €

Blocked account for max. 6 months living cost in Germany: 6 x 853 € = 5,118 € (this money goes to the trainee‘s own bank account in Germany)

Total Cost  = 10,118 €

With the beginning of the dual vocational training, trainees earn at least 800 € per month and thus receive a guaranteed minimum wage of:

STAGE III (36 month)                  36 x 800 € = 28,800  €

This way the trainees finance their expenses for living in Germany.

In accordance with §17 AufenthG (trainee visa), trainees also have the opportunity to work part-time for 10 hours per week apart from the dual vocational training to earn additional money. The minimum wage in Germany is currently 9.19 € per hour.

* The expenses for learning the German language in the country of origin are not taken into account.


What is Dual Vocational Training?

The Dual Vocational Training program in Germany comprises theoretical as well as practical elements. Students spend one or two days a week at a vocational school where they acquire the theoretical knowledge that they need in their future occupation. The rest of the time they work at a company, where they get to apply their newly acquired knowledge in practice and learn how their company operates.

Employment prospects for students who have completed a dual vocational training program are very good. That is why this kind of training is very popular with young Germans: around two-thirds of all German students leaving school go on to start a Dual Vocational Training program. After passing the finals exams, students are recognized professionals in Europe and stand a good chance of starting a successful career in Germany.


consists of three stages:

 STAGE I - Preparation in the country of origin (approx. 6 months)

  1. > Program Information
  2. > The selection process of the participants
  3. > Language course and language exam
  4. > Recognition of certificates and dual vocational training contract
  5. > Visa process and preparation for the travel in Germany

STAGE II – Dual Vocational Training preparation in Germany (max. 6 months)

  • > Intensive language course and specialized course
  • > Contacts to future training companies and institutions
  • > Integration course & intercultural programs
  • > Excursions and leisure activities
  • > Care and assistance from AGENTUR DER WIRTSCHAFT

STAGE III – Dual Vocational Training (36 months)

  • > Start of Dual Vocational Training
  • > Minimum income of 800 € per month
  • > Possibility to work additionally 10 hours per week
  • > 12 months of care and assistance from AGENTUR DER WIRTSCHAFT



ADW works on behalf of federal and state authorities and has been a trustworthy partner for 25 years to companies and people who want to develop their careers.


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