Study in Germany

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Be a Licensed Nurse in Germany

PAP (Pflege Anerkennungs Program)

A 15 month German recognition preparation program for International Nurses.

The Course Curriculum includes German Language (B2 Level), Internships in Hospitals & Clinics.

Eligibility: A Completed Diploma / Bachelors/ Masters in Nursing, Official recognition as nurse in their home country.

Successful completion of this coursework will lead to a license to work throughout in Germany.

Medicine, Engineering, Arts & Science – Bachelor Programs

STEP (A Pre - Bachelor Year)

One year pre bachelor program for students who have completed schooling in their home country.

For Medicine : German Language (C1 Level), Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry & English.

For Engineering : German Language (B2 Level), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English.

For Management : German Language (B2 Level),Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies & English.

Eligibility: Completed 12 year of Schooling.

Successful completion of this course work(FSP- Feststellungsprufung) will lead to a free education in German Universities.

Be an Engineer in Germany

ICPF- Tech

A one year contact study program during which 60 credit points can be gained.

The Course Curriculum includes Technical German, Practical oriented Engineering, Industrial Visits, Industry oriented partner programs.

Eligibility: Bachelors / Masters in Engineering

Output : Eligibility to work as an in Germany or secure an admission for Free Education Master of Science in German Public Universities

Practice as a Doctor & Become a Super Specialist

ICPF - Med

ICPF – Med is a one year Contact Study program.

The Course Curriculum includes German Language (C1 Level), Medical Language & Healthcare Training, Fachsprache preparation & Medical Approbation Preparation (MAP) module.

Eligibility :strong> Bachelors or Diploma in Medicine/Dentistry.

Successful completion of this coursework will lead you to become a Licensed Doctor and a Super Specialist thereafter.