• B A in Business Management (3yr)
  • Master of Science : Biochemistry, Biology (2yr)
  • Master of Arts in Anthropology (2yr)
  • PG Diploma in Business Administration (2 yrs)
  • Master of Science in Chemistry (2 yrs)
  • Master of Engineering in Software Systems. (2 yrs)
  • Master of Science in Computer Science (2 yrs)
  • Master of Arts in Applied Eonomics & Policy Analysis (2yr)
  • Master of Arts in English (2yr)
  • Pg in Bachelor of Engineering Technology(Advance Standing) in Environmental Studies (2yr)
  • Master of Engineering in Electronic Systems (2yr)
  • Master of Fine Arts (2yr)
  • Master of Arts in Geography (2yr)
  • Master of Science : Geography, Geology (2yr)
  • University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan (2yr)
  • Masters in Journalism (2yr)
  • Master of Arts in Justice Studies (2yr)
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive Management; International Business; Engineering Management; General Management; Public Safety Management) (2yr)
  • Master of Science in Mathematics/ Statistics (2yr)
  • Masters in Nursing (2yr)
  • Master of Engineering in Petroleum Systems (2yr)
  • Master of Science in Physics (2yr)
  • Master of Social Work (2yr)
  • Master of Atrs in Sociology/Social Studies (2yr)